When ordering a set of WTI Fenders, here are a few things we need to know:

  1. Make, Model and Year of truck
  2. Suspension Type
  3. Axle Spacing
  4. Tire Size
  5. Fifth Wheel Height (see right side)
  6. Style of Fender
  7. Gel Coat Color
Recommended 5th Wheel Height for all W.T.I. Fenders
This is the minimum height we recommend. This does not guarantee you will not hit the fenders with the trailer, but in our experience it has been sufficient. The higher the 5th wheel the better!
(measure from ground to top of fifth wheel)


Tire Size Recommended 5th Wheel Height
22.5″ low profile tires 48″
22.5 standard tires 49″
24.5 low profile tires 49″
24.5 tall rubber tires 51″


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