WTI is proud to introduce its new fender, “Original 80s” Full Fender! Designed and engineered with the classic look of the very first fiberglass fender used on WTI trucks in the 1980’s that never made it to market. Be the first to show off the next hot trend!


Shop and purchase your own WTI Fenders, Brackets, & Accessories online with a click of a button. Ships from our warehouse to your shop!

WTI Fenders

What are
W.T.I Fenders?

W.T.I. Fenders manufactures aftermarket composite products for the transportation industry. W.T.I. Fenders incorporate the best design plus added protection to your truck & trailer from rocks, salt, sand, liquids and other road spray . W.T.I. Fenders are hand fabricated in-house using the highest quality fiberglass materials built to last for millions of miles on the road!

Proudly made in America!

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