Hoosier Metal Polish

Hoosier Metal Polish

Hoosier Metal Polish

Shines Above the Rest!

Shines and Protects:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Chrome
  • …And More!

Easy on – Easy Off

No Hard Rubbing

Amazing Results


Tested & Proven


Hoosier Metal Polish is easy to use. Shake bottle thoroughly before and during application. Put a small amount on a clean cloth and apply to a clean surface. Wipe clear; no need to wait. For better and faster results use a power buffer.

Hoosier Metal Polish will keep your metal shining for 10-12 washings depending on the harshness of your water and soap. After the initial application, you will notice Hoosier Metal Polish becoming easier to use.

Polishing Tips:

  • Lightly acid deteriorating metal surfaces before polishing to obtain best results.
  • If a slight residue on surface, sprinkle flour on cloth and wipe clear.
  • Lightly buff clear coated wheels to clean and polish.

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